Forehead Lift and Mini Eyebrow Lift Procedure

A Browlift (Forehead Lift) is a procedure designed to treat drooping eyebrows, or deep wrinkles in the forehead. Most people who are candidates for this procedure complain of constantly looking tired or angry, but not feeling tired or angry. It can be combined with other procedures, and often is combined with blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift).

It is important for Dr. Undavia to not give you that “surprised” appearance that is often seen. In fact, the best outcomes result from a subtle refreshed and well-rested look. In general, women’s eyebrows have a natural curve and are higher in their resting position, while men’s brows are more straight across and they are placed more closely to eyelid complex. Thus, both men and women are candidates for browlifts. Dr. Undavia tailors each browlift for the individual patient, to ensure that the most appropriate height and shape is achieved for each face.


During your consultation, Dr. Undavia will carefully examine your forehead and eyelid complex. At that time, he will discuss your options, both surgical and non-surgical. Appropriate computer imaging will be used to help decide which intervention is best. Only realistic goals are shown during your consultation.

Brow Lift Surgery

A browlift is typically done under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. For most patients, a minimally invasive endoscopic approach is used. In this technique, Dr. Undavia will make five small hidden incisions within the hairline and farther within the scalp. Through these hidden incisions, the entire forehead is lifted. The muscles that created the angry appearance of the central forehead are transected so that normal facial expressions still appear, but the deeper lines are removed.

Occasionally, an endoscopic forehead lift is not appropriate, such as for those individuals who have tall foreheads. In these instances an endoscopic browlift will only create a taller forehead with a hairline that appears more receded. In this situation, Dr. Undavia performs an “open brow lift”. The incision for this type of browlift is still hidden within the hairline. However, in this type of forehead lift, there is a resection of skin.

Brow Lift  Recovery

There is generally very little pain and swelling from this procedure. There is some numbness that resolves within weeks to months following surgery. The sutures are removed typically between days 7-10. Most patients are ready to return to work within about a week, and regular exercise within 3 weeks.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for a brow lift. In some patients, it is more appropriate to treat this area with injectables such as Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport®, Juvederm®, or Restylane®. Please ask Dr. Undavia if this is right for you.