Top PDO Thread lift Treatment in NJ

A youthful face is a full , lifted face. PDO Thread Lifting is a procedure in which a absorbable suture is used to lift the skin into a more youthful position. As the suture absorbs, it creates collagen in this lifted position.  It can be used throughout the face and neck, including the cheeks, upper and lower lips, forehead and neck.

PDO threads, composed of polydioxanone, can come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be smooth, barbed and twisted. The barbed suture can be used to lift, while the smooth and twisted sutures are helpful in creating smoother and youthful skin by stimulating collagen production.  The suture will dissolve within 4-6 months, but the effects of lifting and volumizing last over a year.

This in-office procedure is done first by applying local and topical anesthetic. Dr. Undavia will carefully map out the areas of the face that need to be lifted and volumized. Then more local anesthesia is infiltrated in the areas of the suture placement.   After a few minutes, the threads are introduced at the appropriate areas. There is minimal to no discomfort. The lift is immediately felt.  As the sutures are being placed, massaging in the direction of the lift is done.  Once the sutures are placed, the areas are cleaned off and the procedure is complete.  The entire procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes and patients can drive themselves home.  While there is minimal bruising, this is easily covered up with makeup.  Exercise is to be resumed after two days.