Top Sculptra® Treatment, NJ

A youthful face is a full face. Sculptra® is an injectable product which is designed to help treat the generalized fat and volume loss that occurs in our face and neck. This volume loss can result in sunken and hollow cheeks, temples, and lower eyelid complex.

Sculptra®, composed of Poly-L-Lactic acid, itself does not result in the increased volume. It acts as a stimulant, or volumizer, to help your body produce new collagen in the areas injected. While the results are not immediate, they are long lasting.

This in-office procedure is done first by applying local and topical anesthetic. Dr. Undavia will carefully map out the areas of the face that need more volume. The injections are then performed in just a few minutes and then mild pressure is applied. Injection of Sculptra® results in the immediate stimulation of collagen production. A series of two or three injections are required at 4-6 week intervals for Sculpra®. Noticeable results are seen in just a few months, and can last two years or more. Injecting Sculpra® can also be combined with other procedures if desired.