Why would you use fillers on your forehead or temple?

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There’s a few reasons to use fillers on the forehead and in the temple region.

When it comes to fillers on the forehead, most people will use fillers in between the eyebrows or on the front surface of the forehead. Typically what’s done is we first paralyze those muscles. For almost all patients we first use some combination of Botox or Dysport, and we get the muscles to stop moving. That takes care of most of the wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eyebrows or the glabella.

Sometimes people have really deep grooves in that area, so even when we get the muscles to stop moving and to cause most of the dynamic wrinkles, they still have a very deep trough or depression in those wrinkles. Filler can be used for the horizontal lines across the forehead, and then for the vertical elevens that are formed in between the eyebrows.

Now when it comes to the temple area, patients use fillers because as we age, we tend to have loss of volume, and one of the first areas that goes is the cheeks and in the temples. That’s called lipodystrophy, and it’s just basically changing the volume, and the shape, and the location of the fat cells in your face. What we do in that area is to inject filler into the temple, and that brings out your temple and gives you a much more youthful look, and it’s actually quite dramatic when people have had a lot of loss of volume in that area.

Both things can be done in the office. Both procedures take about 15 to 20 minutes, and the results because you’re not moving your forehead so much with the Botox, and in the temple region you’re not moving so much of the skin there, can last up to a year.

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