Why do you use fillers on your jawline?

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There’s lots of great reasons to use fillers on the jawline. The most common reason is that as you age your skin becomes a little bit more lax and droops south, which then kind of makes it more difficult for you to see your jawline.

Using fillers in that area can just make your jawline a little bit more pronounced and give you the impression that you have less sagging skin. It can also lift up the skin, which will then tighten the area underneath your chin and make it so that you don’t have as much sagging skin.

Another great reason to use fillers along your jawline is that as you age you will produce jowls, which is kind of like the cheek which has dropped down near your chin and it moves forward. When you produce jowls, you get a deep groove between the space of your chin and the jowl, so filling up that jowl makes your jawline be continuous from the chin all the way to the back of your jaw or the angle of your mandible, and having that sharp line that’s continuous is very youthful.

Another great reason to have fillers along your jawline is that if you wanted to have more chin projection, if you felt like your chin is too small, you can use fillers in the chin and along the jaw to help project your chin. That, number one, gives you a better profile and number two, helps tighten the skin underneath the chin in the submental area and gives you less fullness or sagging of skin there.

Finally, you can use fillers near the angle of the mandible if you have asymmetries or if you just want to have a more pronounced jawline right at the corner of your mandible. All of these procedures can be done in the office and they’re very quick and without any real downtime.

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