What is non-surgical rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is simply changing the shape of the nose.

This can be done surgically, or non surgically. Non-surgical rhinoplasty refers to the use of injectables (or fillers).

Some improvements to the appearance of your face include…

When it comes to fillers, they can be used to create a smoother profile.  If someone wants to hide a small bump or a depression, fillers are great for immediate results.

Fillers can also improving nasal tip projection, or make the groove at the top of the nose between the eye brows more shallow.   This helps to create a more straight profile.

In patients that have had previous rhinoplasty, fillers can help smooth out irregularities in a easy, quick way without undergoing a more complex revision rhinoplasty.  Fillers are also great for augmenting a sunken in or shallow nose, especially along the bridge of the nose.

Last but not least, fillers can also be used to lift a droopy tip. A small muscle called the depressor septi sometimes pulls the nasal tip down during smiling. Using botulinum can help to decrease movement in this area, thus effecting lifting the nasal tip up.   Sometimes, botulinum toxins can also be used to remove excessive muscle activity along the bridge of the nose, or along the side walls.  It can help with flaring nostrils too.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Advantages

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is great because there is no downtime, and the discomfort is minimal.  Only local anesthesia is used.

The downsides are:

  • Results are temporary, up to a year, and not all aesthetic issues can be addressed with fillers and botulinum toxin.
  • A large dorsal hump can only be camoflauged by making thye entire nose larger, which might not be desirable.
  • Fillers and botulinum toxin cannot make a nose smaller. It can only help camouflage irregularities, and dynamic movement of the nose from muscle activity.

I hope that’s informative. If you are considering non-surgical rhinoplasty, email me directly at info@drundavia.com to come in for a consultation. We can discuss if non-surgical rhinoplasty is right for you.