What is MOHs Procedure?

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When it comes to skin cancer there are a few different ways to remove it.

MOHs Micrographic procedure is the most accurate way to physically remove skin cancer which was developed by Dr. Fredrick Mohs.

This procedure is performed by dermetologists. They remove the skin tissue and immidiately examine it under the microscope to confirm that it is skin cancer. Typically the procedure is done in all in one day. Doctor’s will continue to take sequential skin samples at the edge of the resection until all the cancer cells are removed.

This procedure is especially important on the face where there are so many important functions like the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Mohs Micrographic Surgery allows for removal of skin cancer cells without the unnecessary removal of healthy skin around these structures.

So, what’s my role as a facial and reconstruction plastic surgeon?

I work with the Mohs surgeons to close the defected areas around facial features. When defects invovle some of these functional areas or are large and require tissue closures I become involved. It’s importnat to minimize the distortion of these structures so they can function. That’s where the creativity of the tissue arrangements and enclosures become important.

After the defects are closed there will be only minor discomfort that over the counter pain medication can control. Antibiotics might be subscribed depending on what was done. There will be minor bruising that goes away pretty quickly.

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