What are the gender differences that should be taken into account when performing rhinoplasty?

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I think anytime that we analyze a nose, we’re looking at the whole face. We’re looking at:

  • How wide the face is
  • How long the face is

The most important things we take into account is the patients ethnicity and even more important than that is we take into account how much or little the chin projects.

Let’s say that all of those variables are fixed and the only two differences is whether that person who’s getting the rhinoplasty is a man or a women.

When we take that into account, there are a couple differences between male and female rhinoplasty.

  1. One of the most important things that we take into account is that men deserve and should have strong noses. There’s nothing more masculine than a strong nose. You don’t have to have a big bump, but you don’t want to have a petite nose for a men. That’s very feminizing.
  2. For women, you want to have a smaller nose. Women tend to like to have a very tiny scoop or a straight profile. Some people like to have a small little scoop right past the tip. That can be very feminine and pretty. For men, they should have more of a straight profile.

When it comes to the projection of the nose, the projection measurements are about the same. The lengths of the measurement from the alar crease to the nasal tip should be about 55% of the length of the nasal tip to the area between the eyebrows or the radix. That’s pretty standard for men and women, but what isn’t standard is the rotation of the nasal tip.

Another big difference between men and women is that the rotation of the nasal tip for men should be between 90-95%. You measure a point on the upper lip to the area where the lip meets the nose and then that angle when the lip meets the nose to the nasal tip should be about ninety to ninety five degrees.

For women, they look much better when the nose is trimmed up a little bit. It does not have to be Miss Piggy, but the average rotation for women which looks good is anywhere between ninety five to a hundred and five or a hundred and ten degrees. The nose is definitely more upturned and that’s very pretty for women.

To wrap this whole thing up

The big differences are the rotation of the nose for women, they like and they should have a little bit more of a upward rotated nose and they tend to have a more petite nose. Sometimes, a straight profile looks good and sometimes, a slightly scooped up profile looks good.

For men, men should have big noses. Not too big, but it should definitely be strong and a straight profile. It looks very good on them.

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