What are non-surgical options for the Asian nose?

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That’s a great question. I think in order to understand the answer to that, you have to understand the anatomy of an Asian nose. It’s quite different from the anatomy of a Caucasian nose.

The first major difference with Asian noses are that they do not project as much as a Caucasian nose. That means the nose will be shorter and smaller.

Sometimes they’re also a little bit wider, but the big difference with the Asian nose is that it’s just not as projecting.

When it comes to changing the appearance of a nose in a non-surgical way, we’re really talking about using fillers.

Fillers for an Asian nose are used to project the tip of the nose and to project the dorsum of the nose. When you place filler in such a way that increases the tip height and increases the dorsum height, you can have a nose that’s a little bit more defined because it’s projecting more and a little bit more refined, so you can get the tip to be a little bit sharper than it normally would be. That’s because of one of the other differences of an Asian nose, and that’s that the skin tends to be a little bit thicker. Filler is a great option for a non-surgical approach to changing the appearance of an Asian nose.

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