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Tips for Removing Skin Cancer

There are a few different ways to remove skin cancer from a patient.

The most popular is Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs surgery is the most accurate procedure for removing skin cancer.

Developed in the 1930’s by Dr Frederick Mohs (who was a dermatologist) it’s a fairly simple concept.

  1. Skin is removed from a patient and immediately reviewed at under a microscope.
  2. Dermatologists sequentially take cells around the edge of the cancer until it’s all removed.
  3. This procedure can be completed in one day.

It’s import to remove skin cells that contain skin cancel but NOT the other parts of the dermis, or skin.

What is the surgeons role in Mohs surgery?

You may be asking: What do I do as a surgeon?

It’s my job to close down open areas around skin removal sites. It’s critical to minimize distortion of structures to ensure they will function for the patient moving forward.

This is where a facial plastic surgeon (like myself) gets to exercise their professional creativity around tissue arrangements and structures for the patient.

As a patient recovers, they will only experience minor discomfort. Over the counter medications can take care of any pain they experience, and most patients only see minor bruising for a few days post-operation.

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