Should you get liposuction done with skin tightening?

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Short answer: Liposuction can definitely be done with or without skin tightening.

Whether the two should be combined depends on the patient. But there is a general rule about age which helps. If the patient is younger than 40 we don’t have to tighten the skin with a facelift, or neck lift, or chin t-plasty. That’s because even though there might be redundant skin, the skin and tissues are elastic enough to shrink back onto the underlying tissues without sagging.

For patients over 40, the skin lacks the elasticity and compliance to shrink back down onto the underlying tissues.

If we don’t need to do liposuction… what happens?

When we remove adipose tissue with an open approach and not liposuction cannulas, we can trim skin at the site of exposure to tighten the skin.

Recovering from liposuction or other skin tightening procedures

Patients wear a minor head wrap dressing for 5-7 days. This helps the skin cling back to the underlying structures.

Hope that answers a common patient question about liposuction. If you have any other questions please email our team at