Whats the difference between a face lift and a neck lift?

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The two terms are often used interchangeably. But there is a difference.

Facelift is the common term for resuspending the structures of the face and and neck.  However, it should mean resuspending the underlying structures of the face, including the cheeks, midface and jowls.

Facelift typically involves hidden incisions around the ears, and within the hairline. The excessive sagging skin is removed and resuspended to a more youthful position.

Now a neck lift typically also involves a face lift. Similar, hidden incisions are made around the ear and hair line and in addition a small lincision is needed under the chin. This is mainly to help address particularly large jowls, and the platysma, or the turkey gobbler neck.

The recovery is essentially the same for both procedures, but there is more dissection when the face and neck lift are combined.  Both procedures can also be combined with some form of liposuction, depending on the patients needs.

Now every patient is different in what they need, and what they are a candidate for.

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