How Much Does Deviated Septum Surgery Cost?

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If you have chosen to have your septum fixed, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. Patients need to know if their insurance will cover the procedure or not. Insurance may or may not cover different portions of deviated septum surgery. Here are the variables that apply to most insurances.

The Good News: Insurance Covers Functional Issues!

The good news is that in almost all cases this portion of the procedure can be covered by insurance.

This is true if you are having it fixed for functional issues related to breathing. This makes it easier for many patients to decide when to fix their deviated septum.

However, costs will vary depending on your insurance plan. The key factors are your copay and deductibles, or “out of pocket costs.”

Your physician should be able to find the exact costs expected based on insurance and out of pocket costs.

Pro tip: Many patients have a fixed percentage they must cover or a set amount that they will be responsible for.

The Not-so-Good News: Cosmetic Surgery Not Covered by Insurance

If you are having cosmetic surgery like rhinoplasty in addition to your septoplasty, insurance coverage might not be an option.

Ask your surgeon in this instance if insurance can be helpful in subsidizing costs.

I hope this helps you make your decision easier.

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