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A common question I hear from my patients is: Did I receive the correct amount of botox?

The second common question that comes out of their mouth is: How would I even know if it was too much botox?

When we talk about using Botox, we have guidelines for how much, in general, we use per sub-unit of the face.

  • Physicians generally use about twenty five units of Botox in the glabella, which is the space between the eyebrow heads.
  • Next, we can use roughly ten to fifteen units on the forehead, and another ten to fifteen units around the eyes itself, in the crow’s feet.

Each patient is unique and that means that their muscles can be different. Some patients might have certain parts of their muscles be stronger than others.

For example: The first time we meet a patient we might use standard doses. During a future visit, they might come back and say that, “I like this, but I needed a little bit more here,” or “That was too much.”

The only way we can determine exactly how much is too much is when I see them at their post-procedure appointment and make sure everything looks good.

How would a patient know if they received too much Botox?

If something is too frozen or paralyzed, and you don’t like that look, that means too much was injected.

That should tell your doctor ‘next visit, we should use less.

Speaking of: When should next time be?

This is patient specific, but a rough rule is that Botox and Dysport last between three to six months.

Parting Note: Wait 2 Weeks after Botox Treatment

The important thing to note is waiting a certain amount of time for that final look.

Botox does not work immediately. It takes at least five to seven days to get the intended result. We recommend waiting two weeks to get the final result.

I ask my patients to come back at two weeks, and then we re-visit and make sure everything looks okay.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, you can shoot us an email at info@drundavia.com

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