Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation NJ

Your consultation with Dr. Undavia is a chance not only to discuss your goals, but also to get to know Dr. Undavia. It is important that you feel comfortable with your surgeon, because it truly is a life long relationship. During your consultation, please be prepared to discuss your medical history, as it is important in making a plan of action. Dr. Undavia will carefully examine all the aspects of your face and neck, not only for cosmetic concerns, but also for all medical and functionally related issues. Pictures are typically taken, not only for documentation, but to help show you realistic goals for your surgery or procedure. Dr. Undavia commonly uses facial imaging software to help morph the pictures he has taken. These pictures help provide important information to both you and Dr. Undavia about the goals of surgery. They can also be used to help point out limitations that might be present.

Below is a series of images of a patient of Dr. Undavia’s. The picture on the left represents her original image, while the middle picture represents the “morphed” image to help show the patient what a realistic goal of surgery was. The far right picture represents the real postoperative result.